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May 3rd, 2018

Off to Ireland to do a special shoot that I have been hired for. More details to follow when I get back.

November 19th, 2017

I will be doing a Skype session on Dec. 2nd, 2017 with people attending my special event being held at the Beehive Salon & Art Galley in Windsor, CO. My work is on display through the Holiday Season. Thanks to Julie, Brian & Kris for all of your hard work to put this event together.

Sept. 3, 2017

We had an awesome event at the Drake Centre in Fort Collins, CO. The event was a meet & greet where I met fans and friends of mine from all over the USA. Thanks go out to Brian & Kris Terpstra who put on the event and hosted me at their home for 10 days. I had fun doing the event, fly fishing in Wyoming, eating BBQ! and doing Photography work in the Rocky Mountains. We did a charity event and raised $847 dollars. Thanks to Jan Anderson, the Robert the Bruce Jewelry, and Brian & Kris Terpstra for all of the items that were donated and auctioned off at the event.

The "Gathering dinner" that was held after the event was very special to with over 35 people that showed up. It was a very special time for me to get to know everyone a little better.

 June 11th, 2017

The official date has been set for my EVENT in Fort Collins, CO. Please join me on September 3rd, 2017 at the Drake Centre. Details to be posted on my EVENT page on this site. Look forward to meeting all that can attend!


January 20th, 2017

To order your 1746 Culloden Scottish Shortbread tin contact Marian Porteous, She works at the Culloden Battle Field Museum and will be able to help you order tins and have them shipped to the USA.

Sept. 22nd, 2017
Thanks to my viewers, 7647 page views and 7009 visitors from all over the world. See more on this on the more news page!

I have Canvas Prints for sale from my Art Gallery showing I did in Colorado. Please check out on the Prints for Sale tab.

Thanks, Ronnie

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Ronnie B. Goodwin is an Actor, Director, Photographer, Cinematographer, Writer, and Editor. Known for his Award winning short films, 'Shooter', 'Fly a Legacy' and 'King'. Also an accomplished horseman, performing in the TV series 'OUTLANDER', 'FLY a Legacy' which qualified for the Best Live Short Film at the 85th Academy Awards. He also specializes in professional photography and aerial photography.

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