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Ronnie B. Goodwin is a multi award winning Director and Editor, his short films have taken him around the world to some of the most prestigious festivals and competitions.

He is also an Actor and Photographer, currently playing one of the horsemen on the awaited TV show Outlander. He has played in shows such as Lorna Doone, Taggart, Carters Nightmare, and soon to feature in Dark Earth.

He mostly finds himself on the other side of the camera, framing shots and directing. In postproduction he spends most of his time developing and re-writing stories.

He has worked in collaboration with Basil Khallil on a one hour documentary called "Replay Revenge" a film about the Israeli - Palestinian conflict, which also toured festivals and was sold to Al Jazeera 4 years ago.

He has worked in the Middle East as an editor for AVP International for 3 months, gaining experience and making advertisements and news pieces for distribution in Dubai.

One of his most successful pieces was selected to screen in the USA at 110 cinemas, then purchased by Shorts International and screened at the Man Chinese Cinema. The film qualified for the Oscar Shorts in 2013, the film is called "Fly a Legacy"

He has a love for the outdoors and you can always find him out and about with his camera, either gathering footage or photographs. He can also often be seen flying with Loch Lomond Seaplanes and capturing shots from the air.

Additional information: My background is in Engineering, Farming and most outdoor pursuits. I have a strong love for film and the production of it. I do Lectures in film production, Directing, Photography, Writing and Design. I am a member of the DGGB and listed on IMDB am fluent in Dutch. I love to ride horses, Ski, Fly Fish, and driving in the beautiful country of Scotland.

My Short Biography

ronnie b. goodwin